Brightstone Mysteries: The Others

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On the same night, a toymaker and all his workers vanished, you must uncover surprising mysteries!

Publisher Cateia Games

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Game Description

Things get increasingly murky and foggy upon your arrival in town. It is your responsibility to investigate the town's secret mysteries and uncover the truth. But first, you must comprehend the unusual residents. In this little, once-peaceful hamlet, some places appear entirely abandoned, while others appear to be normal. Little makes sense at first, but as you continue, chat to locals, look for clues and hidden treasures, and answer puzzles and mini-games, a story will unfold before your eyes, piece by piece. And, are the menacing beings in black attempting to aid you, or are they driving you astray? What awaits you beyond the intricate labyrinth? Find out in this original and exciting hidden object puzzle adventure game!

- Exciting Out-Of-This-World Adventure
- Feels Like Playing An Interactive Thriller Novel
- Help The Reporter Mary Investigate The Mysterious Case
- Meet Enigmatic Characters
- Explore The Mystical Town And Its Locations
- Visit Dozens Of Places
- Find Clues And Solve Riddles
- Search For Hidden Objects And Items
- Solve Many Different Mini-Games
- Use Guided Hint And Map For Traveling
- 3 Difficulty Modes: Casual, Adventure, Challenging

Download size: 684 MB

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