Catherine Ragnor and the Legend of the Flying Dutchman

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Join Catherine Ragnor in her quest for the three mythical riches with the Flying Dutchman.

Publisher Agung Wijaya

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Game Description

Captain Hendrick van der Decken of the Flying Dutchman is cursed to sail the seas for forever without ever landing after succumbing to a curse. A accidental encounter with another cursed pirate, on the other hand, gives him the way to salvation. Three fabled riches have been discovered on the other side of the ocean. They will grant one request once all three are returned to their holy treasure room. They banded together to discover the three riches and end the curse... They aren't the only ones looking for the wealth, though. The road to the riches is filled with peril, and as the captain meets new allies and foes, he may begin to wonder what he actually desires.

- An exciting tale of piracy, curses, and a quest for hidden treasure
- A cast of colorful characters, from Captain van der Decken himself to the daring pirate Captain Catherine Ragnor
- Five chapters and twenty upgrades to explore as the Flying Dutchman makes its journey
- Challenging match-3 puzzles to solve as you search for the three legendary treasures
- A new story inspired by the myths about the notorious ghost ship the Flying Dutchman

Download size: 246 MB

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