Chimeras: What Wishes May Come Collector's Edition

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A bereft husband makes a last-ditch effort to save his wife!

Publisher Big Fish Games

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Chimeras: What Wishes May Come - Collector's Edition is a brand-new tale of misery and deception. Derek Pierce holds himself responsible for the accident that put his wife in a coma. His support group has been beneficial, but he would give anything to see Christina awake and cheerful once more. Derek, on the other hand, is about to learn a valuable lesson: be careful what you wish for. Derek sees an opportunity to put things right when a weird, genie-like figure approaches him outside the clinic one night with a special offer, but he doesn't consider what he'll have to give up to make his wish come true. Derek is now racing against the clock to discover where the creature originated from and what its true objectives are before it comes to collect!

- Reverse an ancient ritual and save Robert in the Bonus Chapter!
- Collect all the cards and puzzle pieces and share in the wisdom of the past!!
- Outwit the deadly genie with an official strategy guide!
- Download beautiful wallpapers and a memorable soundtrack!

Download size: 890 MB

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