Chimp Quest - Spirit Isle

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Discover the island's depths and assist these monkeys in finding a new home.

Publisher Boomzap

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Game Description

Take off on a delightful journey with Chimp Quest: Spirit Isle. Accompany a bunch of tough monkeys as they search for a new home, assist them in managing their resources, save friends, and traverse the island's various biomes.

Meet different monkeys with interesting stories, explore the island's depths, and discover ruins. By gathering mojos and presenting them to the spirits, you can win their trust. Assist the monkeys in turning the island into a new home for the spirits by pacifying them.

'Chimp Quest: Spirit Isle' blends amiable narration, engrossing graphics, and smart resource management.

- Discover five stunning and varied biomes.
- Accomplish goals, gather charms, and placate enraged spirits.
- Discover the secrets and take in a touching tale.
- Play time management games that strike a balance between ease and difficulty.
- Explore each level to find secret creatures that enhance the gameplay.

Download size: 690 MB

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