City Legends: Ghost of Misty Hill Collector's Edition

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Can you uncover Misty Hill's most sinister secrets?

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In search of a soul mate. Or a soul to get revenge with? After releasing your old buddy Michael Ring's most recent novels, you unexpectedly get a mysterious communication from him. Michael reportedly checked himself into the Misty Hill Treatment Center at his mother's request. He required a break because he was going through a challenging time in his life. He now asks for your assistance. What could possible have happened to the famous author there? Could it be that Michael is the target of the terrifying rumors that there are ghosts in that macabre hospital? Get to the bottom of this horrific investigation by gathering all of your reason and intellect.

- Decisions have an impact! -You have the option to select the character's words for a certain action and affect the gothic thriller's storyline. Enjoy the replay value and keep in mind that only your decision will determine how this psychological nightmare plays out and how it will impact the lives of the characters!
- Secret spaces! - They occasionally persist, stuck between the two realms. Friendliness with the supernatural is possible. It's a challenging question. You'll find intriguing puzzles, challenging brain teasers, and soothing inventory management mini-games here. Find the hidden chamber to challenge Laura with a fun board game!
- Mystery and Secrecy! - Investigate the noir settings that are rich with hints and secret items that will aid you in solving the murder! The first-person mission requires you to uncover the truth while resolving both simple puzzles and captivating point-and-click mini-games.
- Bonus chapter - You visit a dear friend at Misty Hill Treatment middle, but instead of being welcomed, you find yourself in the middle of a terrible nightmare.To access the additional quest and learn more about the mystery surrounding an abandoned theater in Pennsylvania, complete the primary single-player investigation.

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