City of Stories: Stephan's Journey Collector's Edition

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Assist young Stephan in navigating the metropolis and preserving his family's farm!

Publisher Big Fish Games

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Game Description

In the Tudor era, Stephan is a young man living on a small family farm in rural England. Stephan must make the difficult decision to leave his family behind and move to the city in order to establish a reputation for himself, develop a career, and earn enough money to keep his family afloat after a few poor harvests leave the farm dangerously behind on bills and taxes!

You get to choose how Stephan's narrative is told, chapter by chapter and scene by scene! But be cautious; not every person he meets will have his best interests at heart. Thankfully, you may go back and repeat earlier chapters to change the course of events and choose an alternative route. Will Stephan end up working as a security guard, a dockhand, a salesperson, or something else entirely? In this brand-new narrative-driven Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game, you'll get to feel the thrill and anxiety of a young guy venturing out into a larger world for the first time. You'll also need to save the family farm and earn enough money to buy upgrades!

Collector's Edition Features:
- Embark on an orphan's exploits in the Bonus Chapter!
- Use a strategy guide to write your best narrative!
- Enjoy endless Match-3 gameplay by revisiting your favorite mini-games!
- Discover valuable cards and accumulate coins to enhance your farmhouse!
- Take pleasure in unique concept art, music, films, and wallpapers!

Download size: 643 MB

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