Colonial Conquest

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Attack minor and major countries to build your colonial empire.

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Colonial Conquest brings us back to this period of unbridled expansion and annexation of the world. Play as either the USA, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany or Russia and forge or expand your empire.  Manage carefully your resources to defend your centres of production, fortify your territories, finance the enemies of your enemies, disseminate spies across the globe, bribe independent countries into supporting your policies, build new troops and fleets, attack minor and major countries to build your colonial empire.


-  Play as one of six Major countries: USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia or Japan
-  Over 75 territories to fight for and hold against your foes
-  Manage your centres of production, build troops and fleets
-  Send spies and manages bribes to corrupt your way into global domination
-  Sophisticated AI both for Major and Minor countries
-  Cool visual feel and retro map look

Download size: 201 MB

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