Criminal Archives: Murder in the Pages CE

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Find all of the clues and stop the killer! No one will escape your gaze!

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You are a crime reporter, attempting to record in your book the most odd instances you have met. You assist San Francisco police in solving murders and apprehending criminals in order to improve the city's living conditions. If anyone had any doubts, they only need to look at your articles to see that demons exist and live among us! Meanwhile, secret societies remain active, and the owl-masked killer continues to lead the police by the nose! Damian Crow, a well-known writer, approaches you for assistance since the mayhem appears to have spilled over from the pages of his crime books into the city streets. Can you solve all of the murders and stop the villains?

- Collect strange evidence to solve these awful murders!
- Find out what the owl sign means and discover the truth!
- Stop the operations of hidden groups and bring them out in the open!
- Help the citizens by writing your own story!

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