Crossroad of Worlds: Star Riddle Collector's Edition

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Keep up your investigation and put a stop to the star thefts! In Crossroad of Worlds: Star Riddle CE

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Game Description

Keep up your investigation and put a stop to the star thefts! The shining stars of the worlds cannot find peace. Get all the information from a villain who has been arrested to identify the genuine instigator of the evil plot! The minigames and object search situations. in this game are the finest ever! This time, we carry on the detective's investigation into a string of star heists that have occurred around the cosmos. We begin by questioning a man who had previously been arrested. He won't give up, though, and won't reveal his employer. In order to find out who his employer is—the enigmatic King Jotar—we must create a truth serum. We set out to find him throughout numerous planets, but it's not an easy assignment because there aren't many hints as to where he is right now and because he's also a strong magician. There are many lives at risk. maybe even yours. Will you put a stop to his cunning plan? Reach for the stars and collect your brains and cunning in this heart-pounding new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure for an exciting detective adventure!

- Fix the problem! - Ever questioned the characters' current status after your shared adventures? Finish the main game to unlock a bonus chapter where you may assist Caitlin in finding her missing lover, like you always do in every investigation you do!
- Earn stars by completing brainteasers and minigames. To go on to the next level at each stage of the game, you must collect stars. There are so many fascinating riddles that nobody will be bored!
- Enjoy the journey! To proceed in the inquiry, search a fantastic diversity of places for all concealed stuff! Demonstrate your investigative abilities and reasoning, save planets, and emerge as a great hero!

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