Crossroads: On a Just Path Collector's Edition

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A mysterious bartender provides exceptional advice to those in need.

Publisher Big Fish Games

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WARNING: This horror game contains scenes of psychological trauma that some people may find upsetting. It's not for the weak of heart.
Lost? Confused? Unsure of what will happen next? Then keep a look out for Crossroads, the enigmatic pub that only appears to those in need of direction. Put yourself in the shoes of Alex Staton, a social worker who has made some wrong decisions and is striving to find his way. Step up to the bar and let Mistress Eve lead you through three unique stories, each designed to teach Alex lessons that will hopefully put him on the right track by the conclusion. But be careful, because your choices in this game have an impact on the story and characters around you! Fortunately, you can always travel back in time and observe how things could have turned out differently. Everything is part of Mistress Eve's plan!

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