Dashing Dinos

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Choose your favorite Dino and Dash to victory!

Publisher Immanitas

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Game Description

NOTE:  Gamepad(s) Highly Recommended

Dashing Dinos is a fast-paced, physics-based, local multiplayer game. Play against a couple of friends on your couch or bring your next house party to a whole new level!  Choose the Dino that suits your play-style best and go wild with unique equipment choices. There is no reason why your Dino can't be a crazed, pumpkin-wielding Viking Angel!

CHARGE your DASH-POWER to the max...AIM at your target...RELEASE the DASH and send your opponents flying!

-  Secure your win with a variety of pickups!
-  Enemies can be poisoned, frozen, confused, or even blown up, while you can escape safely - in invincible mode.
-  Be the lone survivor in a deadly match!
-  Score goals against your friends or steal their precious, precious eggs.

Download size: 1300 MB

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