Detective Agency: Grey Tie 2 - Collector's Edition

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Solve the riddles and look into the theft of a well-known painting.

Publisher Avi Games

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Game Description

Detective Agency: Grey Tie 2 - Collector's Edition boasts stunning locations a variety of engaging object search methods, and brand-new mini-games. You will assist investigators in locating a pilfered photo and resolving the crime in this enigmatic detective narrative.

Amanda and her assistant, both experienced investigators, take on the case. When you get to France, you'll meet up with Jovanni Rosen, an artist, who will ask you to locate his masterpiece. Your exploration will take you to a number of hidden locations. While pursuing the thief, you may encounter some shocking outcomes. When you reach the illegal market, you'll discover several neat gadgets designed for lawbreakers. Trap yourself in the cunning trap set by the offender by following him step by step.

- Eight more locations with lots of things to find!
- 8 more minigames to finish!
- Downloadable wallpapers!
- Listen to the soundtrack!
- Add compelling evidence to your storage!
- For those who enjoy playing, there are 12 more minigames!

Download size: 275 MB

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