Double Clue - Solitaire Stories

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Find clues and interrogate suspects to solve puzzling cases with a double clue.

Publisher PlayTinum Games

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Game Description

The business tycoon, Nicholas McCullen, is dead. It looks like suicide but the Mayor wants no loose ends.Work along with the crack team headed by Det. Carrie Tucker to investigate this case.. Uncover clues, interrogate the suspects and discuss the case with the team to reveal what really happened. Play the solitaire card mystery in three different challenging game play modes as you solve the crime and nab the culprit.

-  A solitaire game with three challenging gameplay types
-  Investigate a murder mystery by revealing clues and questioning suspects
-  Make chain combos and clear cards to find the clues
-  Play memory match mini game  to interrogate the suspects
-  More than 100 levels with unique layouts offering hours of gameplay

Download size: 40 MB

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