Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon

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Discover the secrets of the Shadow of the Dragon!

Publisher Anuman

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Game Description

Ellen Cross, art restorer for the account of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is sent in Hungary to authenticate a painting. The museum asks Ellen to find the rest of the collection: everything was lost during an enigmatic shipwreck, months ago.

The young woman finds herself following the trail of a mysterious portrait representing the terrible prince of Wallachia, Vlad Tepes. All across Europe, she’ll have to pursue her mission while facing the “Shadow of the Dragon”, a secret order which has been dreaming for centuries of freeing themselves from the domination of the first vampire: Dracula.

Despite an illness that slowly eats her away, Ellen is armed with a strong-will and a good instinct making her able to spot all the clues. She’ll do her best to solve the mystery of the Dragon…

-Beautiful images and High Definition cut scenes
-Manage your inventory and combine items to create new ones
-Varied enigmas that will require ingenuity
-A heavy atmosphere and a melodious original soundtrack
-Permanent help indicators and puzzle resolution system

Download size: 970 MB

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