Elven Rivers 4 - Raging Waves Collector's Edition

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Discover exciting new realms in Elven Rivers 4 - Raging Waves Collector's Edition!

Publisher 8Floor LTD

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Game Description

Even though a young elven scout Celene doesn't actively seek out adventures, they find her instead. A hazardous flood that threatens to spread throughout the eastern marshlands is against her this time.
Faintly, a horn blows in the distance, and massive tides rise as though in response. A true representation of nature's rage, calm and languid rivers transform into ferocious, foaming floods that will trample anything in their path! Ordinary homes, bridges, and even dams will be in no match for the seas.
But there's also a chance that the damns were deliberately targeted to make them weaker. Sure enough, there has been this minuscule, unnoticeable shadow moving about the building site; they must be up to no good!

- Take part in a thrilling fantasy tale where you must resist tremendous currents!
- Seek a surprising ally and follow the path of exquisite workmanship and research!
- Select from a variety of game modes, such as a calm story-driven game or a furious race against the clock.
- Look for mementos and attain goals.

Download size: 388 MB

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