Fantasy Mosaics Super Pack - Volume 3

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A must have for all Fantasy Mosaics fans!

Publisher MatchGems

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Join the penguin family as they journey through distant galaxies and beautiful planets. In this Super Pack you get six exciting Fantasy Mosaics games including...

Fantasy Mosaics 13: Unexpected Visitor
This time the penguin family are expecting a guest! Their great uncle Aaron is coming over to inspect the house and give them some wisdom! Help the penguins solve this new installment of colorful mosaic puzzles and decorate their house to make uncle Aaron feel welcome! Enjoy your visit at the penguin's place and get ready to meet uncle Aaron who loves challenging puzzles based on the logic of numbers! 

Fantasy Mosaics 14:  The Fourth Color

Our penguin family just discovered the fourth color for our mosaic puzzles!  Along the way, they brought a new palette of colors to choose from as well!Now it's up to you to experience the colorful puzzles and meet new inhabitants of the penguin world. Get ready for new achievements, featuring stars and cups, awarded at the end of each level.

Fantasy Mosaics 15: Ancient Land
Join the penguin family on a journey to an ancient land and discover the mysteries of their penguin ancestors! Enjoy this new collection of mosaic puzzles in a variety of colors while exploring the prehistoric landscape. Get ready for exciting puzzle challenges and challenge yourself to obtain the best achievement awards!  New art images hidden in the logic of numbers are waiting to be discovered! 

Fantasy Mosaics 16: Six Colors in Wonderland
This time the penguin family is taking a trip to the multi-color wonderland!  They are going to discover a new collection of mosaic puzzles with up to six colors!  This innovation opens up a whole new dimension of challenge and brings you many hours of entertainment.  The penguin family is waiting for you to accept this new challenge and have fun uncovering the hidden multi-colored images while building a beautiful landscape of the wonderland.

Fantasy Mosaics 17: New Palette
The penguin family are thrilled to discover a new palette of colors for mosaic puzzles!  They are happy to meet a mysterious lady penguin on an alien planet who helps open their mind to a great variety of colors. Along the way they keep exploring the alien world and build a beautiful landscape!  Join the penguins to follow the logic of numbers to uncover the new gallery of pixel art images!

Fantasy Mosaics 18: Explore New Colors
Uncle Aaron and the mysterious lady penguin go on a vacation trip to explore new colors for mosaic puzzles! Along the way they make new discoveries and build a fantasy landscape!  Enjoy this installment of Fantasy Mosaics that also includes a new feature allowing you to view the background art with a puzzle image in progress.Follow the penguin family on this thrilling adventure that brings you new exciting challenges!

Warning: You might get HOOKED on Fantasy Mosaics all over again! 

Download size: 580 MB

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