5 Star Miami Resort

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Exciting Match 3 adventure! Create your successful Miami mega resort! In 5 Star Miami Resort

Publisher RokaPublish

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After many a turbulent Match 3 adventure in Rio and on Hawaii Lucy has finally arrived in the Champions League of hotel management. Now a new project awaits: Creating a ground-breaking mega hotel resort in Miami. To her father, famous hotel mogul Mr Rich, and his investors Lucy is the first choice for the job at hand. And you are her helpful assistant! Which means you're automatically involved in all aspects of the project. Soon you'll realize that things are quite different in Magic City: Out of the blue you have to face new challenges that make this project anything but easy. In this exciting Match 3 construction game you have to find the right strategy to clear all obstacles on the linked boards as quickly as possible. Some obstacles are well hidden and you'll need torches to actually see them. Plan carefully which buildings you are going to construct next, because each of them will have an impact on how your game progresses. As soon as the first guests arrive at your hotel you have to take very good care of them to keep their satisfaction level as high as possible. Are you going to turn your Miami Resort into yet another success story or were Lucy's previous successes just a stroke of luck?

- Clever hotel construction: Create a mega hotel resort with 25 buildings which impact your gameplay
- Extended boards: Now you can play on linked boards extending over several screens
- It's all about the right strategy: Choose from exciting Match 3 gameplay with a limited number of turns or a more casual experience on Relax mode.
- New gameplay experience: Use torches to spot hidden obstacles, and beware of reinforced wooden crates
- Engage in in-game dialogues: Try out several hilarious multiple choice answers (which won't change the story)
- Entertaining challenges: Creative challenges and achievements will make sure you will need to use all your talents
- 3rd instalment of the Match 3 hotel mogul saga: 100 exciting levels in mid-town Miami for the whole family

Download size: 120 MB

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