Gnomes Garden 9 - Life Seeds Collector's Edition

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Save the environment with the queen's help both at home and abroad!

Publisher 8Floor LTD

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Game Description

The Gnomes Queen received distressing news from her subjects. All of the Gardens, forests, and meadows throughout the lands had all started to deteriorate. The court sorceress is certain that this is all a result of recent developments such as the expansion of too many mines and the neglect of magic trees, which have damaged the ecology. However, there is a chance to completely alter the situation by developing unique varieties of magical plants and dispersing their seeds across the nation. The gnome gardens will then once again be magical! Your devoted subjects are awaiting your assistance! Go on a wonderful new adventure with the Queen and her friends and visit awesome places like gnomes land, elven forests, and many more!

- An unusual magical realm where magic derives from ages-old gardens.
- A positive storyline, eye-catching art, and enduring characters!
- The queen has never experienced such a wide variety of quests before.
- Over 40 different levels.
- Unusual foes include angry bears, gremlins, and chthonic monsters.
- 4 distinct settings: the mountain kingdom, elven forests, wasteland, and gnomes land.
- Useful extras include a merrymaker radio, a horn of plenty, and many others.
- Clear instructions and simple controls.
- Exciting gameplay for all ages for over 20 hours.
- Relaxing soundtracks.

Download size: 320 MB

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