Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Stash

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Someone has stolen all your Halloween decor!

Publisher PlayTinum Games

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Game Description

Someone has stolen all your Halloween decor and the house looks bare. Play through  numerous classic jigsaw puzzles set in the Halloween theme. A game for the entire family to enjoy this Halloween. Form the correct pattern in the slider mini puzzles to unlock bonus items. Get fun animated Halloween decor that will make your house look the best in town.

Play more than 100 classic jigsaw puzzles, unlock bonus items with slider puzzles and decorate the house for Halloween.

-  Loads of classic jigsaw puzzles set in the Halloween theme
-  Hints to help through the large puzzles with lots of pieces
-  More help with Booster powers such as Ghost Image and Time Freeze
-  Take a break with slider mini puzzles with skip option
-  Win funny animated Halloween decor items
-  No tiresome drag and drop - easy click to pick up, move mouse and click to place

Download size: 105 MB

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