Helga the Viking Warrior 3: Asgardian War

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Join Helga on her new adventure in the realm of the Norse gods!

Publisher Agung Wijaya

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Game Description

After years of valiantly fighting for her people, Helga, the great warrior, finally finds herself in a battle she cannot win. She is defeated in battle and crosses the Bifrost, ready to be greeted at Valhalla and await the final battle of Ragnarok. But the path to Valhalla has been destroyed, and Helga learns that monsters are attacking Asgard. Helga prepares for the greatest battle she's ever faced, promising to help Odin, Thor, and the other gods repel the attackers. Even after death, a warrior faces new challenges.

- Explore the gods' realms in 5 chapters.
- Put your skills to the test with fun match-3 puzzles.
- Follow the story as Helga fights alongside the gods.
- Help Helga, Thor, and Odin defend Asgard.
- Expect interesting characters and unexpected twists.

Download size: 132 MB

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