Helga the Viking Warrior 4: The Battle for Alfheim

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Join Helga on her newest quest to protect Alfheim!

Publisher Agung Wijaya

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Helga's destiny as a shieldmaiden was to enter Valhalla and take her place among the other warriors who had perished, but she was unable to get there. Helga, who suspected deceit, failed to notice the scheme encircling her until it was too late. Helga, who is compelled by magic to reawaken the giant Ymir, accidentally causes chaos and devastation in the Alfheim world. She now decides to battle alongside the gods and finish off Ymir once and for all, whatever it takes.

- Put yourself to the test in a fun game to obtain the materials you need for each new upgrade, solve three puzzles.
- Unlock 20 improvements distributed over 5 chapters to see how the plot develops at each stage.
- Join Helga on a brand-new journey through Norse mythology as she meets Thor, Loki, Ymir, and other well-known characters.
- Enjoy a tale that puts a fresh spin on well-known mythology and assist Helga in bringing peace to Alfheim.

Download size: 150 MB

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