Hermes 5: The Fury of Megaera Collector's Edition

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An old rivalry resurfaces in Hermes 5: The Fury of Megaera Collector's Edition!

Publisher Alawar

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Game Description

An old rivalry resurfaces. Meet Megaera, a vindictive entity with a sinister history. She sought refuge in her gloomy lair, surrounded by misery and terror, after being banished and dreaded. She has set her eyes on Aphrodite, the personification of beauty and charm, driven by anger and a desire for power. Megaera's malicious intention is revealed when she reveals her desire to turn Aphrodite into a dead stone sculpture. The celebration is transformed into a war between good and evil, with Aphrodite's destiny hanging in the balance.Hermes must journey deep into Megaera's lair to find her. Along the trip, he'll battle obstacles, meet weird animals, and discover the truth about Aphrodite's absence. The mystery develops and the danger grows with each step.As the jigsaw pieces fall into place, Hermes begs assistance from his other gods and goddesses. They must confront Megaera, put a stop to her evil ambitions, and save Aphrodite before it's too late. Prepare to be captivated by breathtaking scenery, confront powerful adversaries, and engage in strategic combat. Discover hidden mysteries, solve complex riddles, and restore balance to the worlds. The destiny of Olympus, as well as the entire essence of beauty, is in your hands. Will you accept the challenge, join the gods and goddesses on their journey, and become a legendary hero? The moment has come to act. Download and begin your remarkable trip. The Summer Solstice Festival approaches, and Aphrodite's fate hangs in the balance.

- 50 exciting levels
- Three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal and Hard
- Develop your settlement: complete levels and use stars to build and improve the settlement
- Find all collectible items in the levels
- Loads of achievements
- Intuitive gameplay with simple mouse actions

Collector’s Edition exclusive content:
- Bonus chapter with 15 additional levels
- Step-by-step level guide
- Original soundtracks for download
- Beautiful desktop wallpapers
- Five books to collect

Download size: 580 MB

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