Laruaville 3

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The friendly ghosts are back and you must help them recreate seasons!

Publisher FRH Games

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The friendly ghosts are back and looking for new places to settle. They've found a beautiful valley by the sea, but for some reason, the seasons don't change there. Now it's up to you to recreate the seasons! Build a whole town for that purpose! Spring, Summer, Autumn and the Winter and all the rain, wind, snow and sunshine that goes along with them needs to be recreated manually by you! Help the friendly ghosts fill their town with all of the various seasons' beauty!

-A large town to build; four seasons and different kinds of weather effects to recreate such as fog, rain, and snow
-Find The Difference scenes
-Relaxed, Timed and Moves Limit in Match3 plus new types of game mechanics
-A unique Mahjong minigame with new, innovative gameplay elements

Download size: 120 MB

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