Magic Bookshop: Mahjong

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A fantastic new mahjong adventure awaits you!

Publisher 8Floor LTD

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Game Description

In this wonderful new game, you'll immerse yourself in the adventures of a young elf that travels to a magical land. Her goal - to find all the magical elixires needed to defeat an evil witch currently holding the entire land hostage. Together with this young elf, you will visit the mysterious Elven Forest, the Mighty Castle of Knights and the undeground city of dwarves. Eventually heading into battle with the evil witch.

But this is no simple mahjong game! You must collect pairs of books that are highly prized by the more whimsical clients of the bookstore you run. Contained in these books are the recipes for the powerful elixirs you'll use to add variety to the game and turn it into a thrilling experience.

-An epic story of the struggle between good and evil
-50 levels
-8 types of magical elixirs
-Unique mini-games

Download size: 40 MB

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