Maze Of Realities: Reflection of Light CE

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A meteorite in Arizona, opens a portal to a parallel universe. Will you venture into it?

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Game Description

A mysterious meteorite has crashed in Arizona's Grand Canyon. Archaeologists rush to the location to examine the space rock, but the entire team goes missing. Emma, your niece, and you are part of a search party. When you arrive at the deserted camp to look for clues, the meteorite teleports you to another universe! To find the archaeologists, you must now explore the fascinating Worlds of Light and Shadow, look for hidden artifacts, and solve puzzles. And while you will undoubtedly receive assistance on your journey, keep in mind that not all friendly strangers can be your friends! In this pulse-pounding new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure, gather your wits for an unforgettable detective story!

- Save the Worlds of Light and Shadow from complete annihilation in the Bonus Chapter!
- Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, music, videos, and more!
- Never get lost in the parallel universe with the detailed Strategy Guide!
- Collect every artifact and earn all the achievements!

Download size: 1510 MB

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