Mystery Case Files: The Dalimar Legacy Collector's Edition

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Who could resist the chance to make a difference in the past?

Publisher Big Fish Games

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Game Description

Why does the Master Detective always face down the most formidable foes the agency has ever seen and still manage to walk the talk? What drove Charles Dalimar past the point of no return and into madness? When the Master Detective is dropped into Dalimar's body at some point in the past by weird phenomena, find out the answers to both questions. It's your job as the Master Detective to leverage this unforeseen turn of events to change history and stop some of the most sinister, challenging, and career-defining crimes from ever happening. But at what price? Detective, get ready. This might be your hardest case yet—it has dangerous traps, mind-bending puzzles, and fascinating characters!

Collector's Edition Features:
- Carry on with your mission as Angelica—the only person who can outwit Dalimar's robots and vanquish his evil technology!
- There are more hidden items to discover, such as puzzle pieces, morphing objects, and medallions!
- Downloadable wallpapers and soundtracks!
- When you locate every Jigsaw piece, you can play a bonus puzzle, find all the hidden Medallions, and gain extra achievements!
- Download original concept art, music, and wallpapers, and rewatch movies, minigames, and HOPs!
- With Dalimar's lair, you won't get lost thanks to the handy Strategy Guide!

Download size: 912 MB

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