Parisian Mysteries Double Pack

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Two action packed Parisian mysteries!

Publisher Layernet

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Game Description

Two action-packed hidden object mysteries that take place in the city of lights!

Runaway Express Mystery
A young mother's attending a train exhibition with her children, when something strange happens; the legendary Runaway Express starts moving while her children are still on board. Frightened, she jumps on the train and finds it full of unusual passengers--the ghosts of people who died on the Runaway Express over the 50 years it ran between Paris and Istanbul. Each ghost is a victim, his or her mysterious demise never fully investigated. These lost souls are cursed to ride the train until someone has the courage to go back in time and reveal the truth about their deaths. Do you dare to break the curse? Will you uncover the mysteries and free the souls?

-  Follow the clues through a cursed train and save your children
-  Explore unique locations and cities in a mysterious train
-  Discover what happened to the passengers who died throughout fifty years of history
-  Enjoy beautiful Hidden Object scenes-Solve many puzzling minigames

Sharpe Investigations - Death on the Seine
Journalist-turned-food critic Taryn Sharpe and her assistant/photographer, George Haske are sent on assignment to France to cover the opening of Paris's hottest new restaurant, Le Roi Soleil. When they get there, they discover the restaurant's celebrity chef is dead and the circumstances are suspicious. Strangely, the police rule the death a suicide and refuse to investigate. The restaurant's owner (an old friend of Taryn's) is convinced his star chef was murdered and begs her and George to find the culprit.

-  Follow the clues and solve the death of a French celebrity chef 
-  Explore many unique locations in Paris and rural surrounding 
-  Enjoy more than a dozen beatiful Hidden Object scenes 
-  Meet 11 vivid characters

Download size: 580 MB

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