Rainbow Mosaics: Treasure Trip

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Traverse across Europe and find all the hidden treasures!

Publisher Peftiyev Oleksandr

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Game Description

Charlotte's father was hunting for treasures all his life. He was a genius, as well as an archaeologist, historian, and philanthropist. All these qualities were used for just one purpose.  And at last, he discovered reliable information about untold treasures! But, a criminal clan found out about his research and the bandits decided to steal all the treasures! Moreover, they wanted Charlotte to do all their dirty work for them...Take a trip through Europe together with Charlotte in a hot air balloon, seeking out hidden treasures and help expose the criminals to the bright glare of truth and justice!

- Magnificent mosaics of 3 and 4 colors
- 120 unique levels
- Several tile skins to choose from
- Variety of upgradeable power-ups that will help you during the game
- Colorful themed backgrounds 

Download size: 48.9 MB

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