Rescue Agency Collector's Edition

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Set out on an exciting journey to the Unknown Kingdom with a brave Fairy!

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Set out on an exciting journey to the Unknown Kingdom with a brave Fairy! Rescue Agency, the first game in a completely new series, mixes the greatest components of strategy and farming with stories and exciting missions. This is a hidden, undiscovered world of adventure and magic! You must travel to the strange land of Abonda in order to save its residents from the sinister Kidnapper of Happiness, who has escaped captivity. You will control the entire Mystic Forest.And even more! You will have access to the Congregation's forbidden cauldrons, on which you can prepare various boosters according to your ancestors' recipes. You'll get to know the people of Abonda better and work together to fulfill interesting tasks. You will calm the Wind Clan, provide harmony to the Elves, and bring delight to the Candy Fairies. Most importantly, you will grow and hone your magical powers to the point where you can take on the most sought criminal in the last three centuries!

- Embark on quests to earn cash and recharge your magical powers!
- Create factories to obtain rare resources!
- Open portals and visit lands teeming with mysteries and amazing inhabitants!
- Create your own uncommon plant garden and manufacture a plethora of potions and tinctures from it!
- Purchase one-of-a-kind bonuses!

Collector's Edition Features:
- Extra chapter at the main location with 5 more levels and new tasks!
- Unlocking difficult achievements Gorgeous exclusive concept art available for download Step-by-step approach guide
- Authentic collectibles
- Abonda folklore and stories
- Dazzling author's music

Download size: 441 MB

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