Rin: The Last Child

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Rin: The Last Child is a dark fairytale. What secrets will you discover?

Publisher SpaceFox Games

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Game Description

Rin: The Last Child is a dark fairytale in which you must find your magic, cast spells, and enchant them in order to build stronger and more efficient spell versions. Play as Rin, a demigoddess, and use aspects to fuel and enhance your magic in your quest to save the world. Discover the secrets hidden within the Aspects of Magic as you explore vast mythological worlds. Find aspect shards and runes to make spells or enchantments. Tired with the same old magical missiles? Other spells that will suit your gameplay style are very certainly available. Lethal volcanic plains, deserts of twisted time, perilous jungles teeming with deadly species, and many more await your exploration as you progress through their countries. What secrets will you discover?

- spellcrafting and enchantment
- exploration
- engaging story
- unique artstyle

Download size: 966 MB

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