Royal Legends: Marshes Curse Collectors Edition

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Locals have vanished. People are sure that a witch is involved. Who is going to put a stop to her?

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Game Description

You are the King's counsellor, and you have been dispatched to the small provincial town of Liberville. There has been an uptick in the number of people who have gone missing recently. Local officials have no influence over the situation. The locals are worried because they believe it is the fault of the Swamp Witch, who has returned to avenge her death. Despite this, no one has ever seen her or her woodland cabin! So there are two questions to which you must find answers. Who kidnaps unarmed people? And, maybe most importantly, why?

- Complete mini-games, puzzles, and intriguing riddles!
- Collectibles should be collected, and morphing objects should be sought after!
- In the Bonus Chapter, defeat a Swamp Witch ally!
- Replay your favourite puzzles and mini-games!
- Get exclusive concept art, wallpapers, soundtracks, and more!
- With the Strategy Guide, you'll never be lost!

Download size: 1300 MB

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