Royal Romances: Forbidden Magic Collector's Edition

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Is it possible to overcome barriers with hope or love?

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Is it possible to overcome barriers with hope or love? Find out by leading your brave heroes down the perilous journey to their most valued wishes! Superb sequel to the critically renowned Royal Romances game series! What can a human do when faced with a terrible circumstance or the prospect of unfathomable power and love? The murky air gets thicker and more difficult to breathe, beasts prowl the woods, and black magic taint suffocates everything within its grasp. Ida and Illeon are set to execute their cunning plot. Fight conflicts with your people, fall in love, and suffer loss as you prepare to protect the lands from mortal danger! Can a humble bard triumph over a huge werewolf? Can a villain alter its personality? Answers to these questions can be found in this pulse-pounded new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!

- Surprising narrative twists! - Discover a fantastic fantasy world full with surprising heroes and breathtaking scenery! Can you capture and destroy your adversary while remaining human? Is there any hope for the bad witch's happy ending? To get the answers to these questions, you must embark on an incredible trip with the fantasy story's heroes!
- Tough choices! You have the ability to shape the plot of the point-and-click adventure. Make a crucial decision that will determine the course of the romantic narrative. Can you assist the characters and rescue the day before it's too late? You should think twice!
- A wide range of accomplishments! - Intriguing riddles, difficult puzzles, and soothing mini-games await you! Answer mental puzzles and uncover hidden items to earn a slew of rewards that will showcase your accomplishments!
- Items to collect! - Absorb yourself in this adventure's amazing environment! There are several lovely sites with riddles to solve and treasures to discover. Keep an eye out for a variety of treasures to make the game even more enjoyable to play!

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