Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One Collector's Edition

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Enjoy The anticipated continuation of the series with Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One CE

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The eagerly anticipated continuation of the Royal Romances series. Ida is getting closer to her ambitions, and the last fight is approaching... Can you handle it all? Although the situation appears to be dire, there is optimism on the horizon. A Chosen One will be able to command the dragons once they return, according to prophesy. Ida is kidnapped people because she wants to discover who the mysterious hero is. She kidnapped Glissando but failed to capture Princess Amelia... who may be the true Chosen One. But be warned: the witch will not give up easy. There's also King Illeon planning a final attack on the forest, and he has his own narrative to tell. Discover everything there is to see in this mystical realm and become the power that can tip the scales of fate! Bring all of your logic and knowledge to bear and become a genuine hero in this Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!

- You make your own decisions! You have the ability to impact the storyline of the adventure, and your decisions count! Make a tragic decision that will determine the progression of the romance narrative narration. Can you assist the characters in saving not only their lives, but also the existence of the entire kingdom, before it's too late? You should think twice!
- A wide range of accomplishments! You'll find unique brain teasers, complicated riddles, and soothing inventory management mini-games here! Explore story-rich gorgeous locales for hidden things, discover and uncover mysteries and secrets to gain accomplishments and celebrate your success in the magical world of romance!
- Bonus content! Enjoy special fantasy-themed stuff! Assist the woodland guardians in their fight against the forces of darkness! Even the ancient woodland shepherds may be emotional at times and require assistance. Discover what the Great Ent cannot tackle on his own!
- Collectible items! Explore the magical world's lovely settings, keeping a look out for interesting collector's trinkets and things! To obtain unusual items, search the fantasy forest for hidden riches and overcome amazing brain challenges! play Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One Collector's Edition,download Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One Collector's Edition,Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One Collector's Edition game

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