Shopping Clutter 23: Beauty Salon

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Help the Walker family set up the Walkers & Rat beauty salon in Shopping Clutter 23: Beauty Salon

Publisher JetDogs

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Game Description

While Animalville is still discernible behind the mounds of fur, assist the Walker family in opening the Walkers & Rat beauty parlor! Our small town of Animalville has seen a noticeable increase in population over the last few years. Hairdressers, spas, and beauty parlors have begun to disappear among the animals. The fur-covered residents of the impoverished town are untidy and unclean. Some animals' fur has started to mat and obstruct their everyday activities, while others have started to dreadfully shed. Now, huge clumps of fur are flying everywhere in the city, everyone is sneezing, and scissors are in high demand. On the verge of an epic calamity lies Animalville! Our family made the decision to remove all of this infinite fur to make things right. Additionally, Panther and Squirrel Walker have been debating the idea of starting their own beauty parlor for a while. There was not a finer time, in our opinion. We requested assistance from sweet Uncle Rat, who also daydreamed about getting haircuts, and he generously offered us room on the top level of his brand-new tower. Now, while Animalville is still visible behind the mounds of fur, we must swiftly set up the Walkers & Rat beauty parlor.

- Play with NEW fashion-related products!
- 140 Clutter puzzles and 20 extra puzzles
- calming sounds and great music for pleasurable gaming
- beloved characters and hilarious banter
- vibrant graphics and challenging gameplay for puzzle aficionados of all levels.
- Stop the enemy from sabotaging Squirrel's ambition.
- Enjoy the intrigues, investigations, smart strategies, and the unique atmosphere of the high fashion industry!

Download size: 190 MB

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