Shopping Clutter 25: Strawberry Thanksgiving

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Assist Uncle Turkey in making sure the orphans of Animalville have an amazing Thanksgiving!

Publisher JetDogs

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Game Description

Thanksgiving Day, Uncle Turkey's favorite holiday of all time, is rapidly approaching. Families will congregate around a single table to share delectable meals, express gratitude for everything in their lives, and show additional love and affection to the turkeys. However, not everyone has that kind of enjoyment on the holiday. Rarely do kids who are temporarily separated from their parents or who have lost a parent get to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday that they so richly deserve.
Uncle Turkey, though, is adamant about changing that! This year, there will be a special "Strawberry Thanksgiving Day" at the school where he serves as principal. Turkey has already moved Squirrel and Hare Walker into one of the classrooms to help with arranging all the activities and goodies that will make those kids' smiles brighter. The Thanksgiving team will set up the space, make a ton of desserts, and extend an invitation to all of the town's orphans. Plans are ambitious! Go ahead and play "Shopping Clutter 25: Strawberry Thanksgiving" now!

- Check Out Our New Thanksgiving-Themed Products!
- Play 20 more puzzles in addition to 140 "clutter" puzzles!
- Savor calming tones and beautiful melodies!
- Vibrant images and genuine challenges for puzzle enthusiasts around
- Uncle Turkey resolves issues on his own initiative!
- Funny banter and beloved characters!
- Thanksgiving spirit, charity, confections, and a festive atmosphere!
- Thanksgiving is best spent with Uncle Turkey!

Download size: 195 MB

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