Spirits Chronicles: Flower of Hope Collector's Edition

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The people of Lorelai are in danger. Can you Help them to overcome the threat?

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The animals that live in Lorelai are constantly getting sick with an unidentified disease! The previously calm and submissive familiars now attack their owners, terrifying the locals! Only an expert in animal behavior can make a decision. You travel to the town in an effort to solve the issue and aid the unfortunate animals, but you soon discover that the disease is only the beginning of the problem. Who is responsible for this heinous act? Why does the bad guy choose to make animals suffer? There are so many unanswered questions. Learn the truth while resolving puzzles, training aggressive animals, and dealing with challenging issues. This heart-pounding new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure will test your wits as you play through an unforgettable detective story.

- To tame ferocious creatures, consult your reliable bestiary.
- Explore additional areas to find many fascinating things.
- More than 25 intriguing puzzles to solve.
- In the Bonus Chapter - The Fiery Flower is no longer there, and fires are causing havoc in the community. Find the thief and return the flower!

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