Unsolved Case: Above the Law Collector's Edition

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You have numerous crimes in front of you! Discover in Unsolved Case: Above the Law CE

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After the prominent mayor of a city was killed, the entire community was shocked and on edge! It becomes apparent that the murderer has no regard for the law and that anyone could be the next victim. It's up to you to hold the offender accountable and soothe the community's ruffled nerves. You'll have to examine murder scenes, go undercover to acquire important evidence, and even determine who to trust with your inexperienced young companion. The stakes are quite high in this case, which will be unique in every way. Can you solve this puzzle and, along with your dispersed allies, bring justice to a needy city?

- Grab the bonus chapter to continue the story!
- Explore the creative process with a large variety of concept art!
- Play your favorite in-game films, HO scenes, and minigames again!
- Get caught in the world of mystery with the included music player and free wallpapers!

Download size: 892 MB

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