Unsolved Case: Murderous Script Collector's Edition

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A detective's life is unexpected and perilous, But there's no turning back now!

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A detective's life is unexpected and perilous. You never know what's around the next bend or what mysteries you'll discover. But you knew what you were getting yourself into, and there's no turning back now! You and Scott have a lot of work ahead of you. There's the matter of Richard Errikson, a well-known city attorney who turns out to have questionable interests. Another day, your friend summons you to investigate the disappearance of his sister's lover in the absence of official department directives. Individuals in the media can have dramatic lives, with kidnappings and a chandelier falling on a TV host's brother. You're just left with a few hints, if any. Do you have the bravery and curiosity to investigate the truth? Can you outwit all deserving opponents? In this amazing new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure, put your detective abilities to the test!

- Your Own Choices! - You may affect the narrative of the mystery detective story by selecting the character's sentences for a certain action. Remember that only your decision determines the outcome of these intricate investigations and may have an impact on the characters' lives!
- A variety of achievements - Conduct your own investigation by completing sophisticated puzzles, difficult riddles, and mini-games. You must investigate several murders by exploring crime scenes, gathering evidence, and interrogating suspects. Lead each inquiry and get all awards to demonstrate your success!
- Bonus materials - Gather all of the evidence and apprehend the culprits, then successfully close the cases to obtain access to the bonus areas, where you will learn more about the characters. Some crimes appear to be impossible to solve, but can you?
- Collectible items - The Detective's tale is full of many clues and enigmatic artifacts that the player must discover in order to progress in the investigation! Find hidden stuff by searching collector's trinkets at each crime scene. You'll have to be very careful to acquire the full collection!

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