Unsolved Case: The Scarlet Hyacinth Collector's Edition

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Before your eyes, many crimes! Can you handle it? Find out in Unsolved Case: The Scarlet Hyacinth CE

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Game Description

It's time for you to decide! Before your very eyes, a slew of crimes take place, including a murder in an alley, the shooting of your boss, kidnappings that take place in broad daylight, etc. Can you handle everything? You're in for a thrilling detective series chock full of mystery and puzzles! There is a lot of work for you and your partner Scott to complete. A red hyacinth was found on the body of a slain man, the mark of an infamous serial murderer from many years prior. Your psychologist Mark Coleman murders your employer Xavier once you learn that he was involved. It's imperative that you put him in jail right now, but there's also a pressing issue at hand: people are missing from their automobiles. After that, journalist Noah Hall, who became well-known for covering the Red Hyacinth, was also assassinated. You'll start to understand what occurred from Mark's perspective all of a sudden, and you could even feel sorry for the guy. Can you curtail this criminal wave? Are you prepared to use your sharp detective skills to do that? Try it out right now! In this amazing new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure, test your sleuthing abilities!

- Your own choices! - You have the opportunity to choose the character's phrases for a particular action and influence the plot of the mystery detective story.
- A variety of achievements! -Conduct your own investigation solving intricate puzzles, challenging riddles and playing various mini-games.
- Bonus materials! - Collect all the pieces of evidence and catch criminals, successfully close the cases to gain access to the bonus locations, where you will reveal some interesting details about the characters.
- Collectible items! - A new exciting set of detective stories is full of different clues and mysterious objects that the player needs to find in order to advance in the investigation!

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