Wanderlust: The Bermuda Secret Collector's Edition

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Lost. Isolated... Desperate, too. Find out more in Wanderlust: The Bermuda Secret CE

Publisher Big Fish Games

Unlimited Ad Free Play

Game Description

You've worked as an oceanographer for years and on thousands of research flights, but nothing compares to this! When your aircraft is diverted into a threatening cloud bank, you quickly find yourself trapped within the eye of a persistent storm at the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, with no way to communicate with the outside world, no supplies, and no way to get off this weird island! To make matters worse, you'll soon find yourself in the centre of a battle between the island's survivors and those who dwell within the immense network of twisted metal suspended in the sky. But who is correct, and who knows the truth about the mysterious island in the middle? In this awe-inspiring new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game, be ready for an adventure unlike any other!

- Play as Collins to save your beloved in the Bonus Game!
- Navigate the dangerous sky villages with an official strategy guide!
- Go on an exciting treasure hunt and take on the ultimate HOP!
- Enjoy exclusive concept art, soundtracks, wallpapers, and more!
- Replay your favorite mini-games to unlock challenging achievements!

Download size: 858 MB

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