Welcome to Primrose Lake 2

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Jenny and Jessica are back, with the rest of the oddball ensemble in Welcome to Primrose Lake 2

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The long-awaited sequel to Welcome to Primrose Lake is finally here. Jenny and Jessica, as well as the rest of the oddball cast from Welcome to Primrose Lake, are returning. They're joined this time by a haughty heiress, a stoic suit, and a dubious craftsman. On the surface, everything appears to be fine, but Jake is always worrying, Doc Brown is in a tizzy, and Jenny must ultimately decide what to do about her fiance. Is she going to stay at Primrose Lake or will she flee before it's too late? The cliffhangers have been resolved. Questions like, "Is there a Carlyle Curse?" and "Who is that bothersome mystery guest who keeps threatening to murder everyone?" are ultimately answered. Time management games have never been more enjoyable. With more levels, new features, and strategic options, your favourite mountain town has reached new heights. There's no denying you want to lose yourself in Primrose Lake, all caught up in a plot that will keep you guessing.

- 60 Challenging Levels to enjoy and conquer!
- At the end of each episode, you can play mind-bending minigames.
- Strategy at your fingertips! Upgrade your spots till you feel like a rockstar on steroids.
- Having difficulties? There are numerous power-ups available to help you overcome the difficult obstacles.
- Collect crowns, money, stars, and diamonds to personalise your experience.
- Complete challenges to earn large rewards.
- Amass your accomplishments and cash out as you progress.
- Because each site is a distinct business, each episode is like a fresh new game.

Download size: 280 MB

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