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What if we told you that you could get the same daily puzzle fix you'd expect from your newspaper PLUS online-only daily games all in one place? If you're a chronic puzzle-lover like us, you'd probably be as excited as we are about our free-to-play online daily games on iWin! Checkout some of the different types and styles of daily games here and if you find a few you like, bookmark the page and come back every day for a new puzzle.


More About Daily Games

Word Games and Crosswords

Universal Crossword

The gold standard in browser-based crossword puzzles, Universal Crossword is one of the most popular online word games of all time. Each crossword is handpicked daily from among the best crossword puzzle-makers. You can choose between two different game modes, regular in which you can opt to reveal a specific square, word or the puzzle to check your work or get a much-needed hint, or expert where the only clues available are the ones you're given with the puzzle.
On top of the puzzle itself, you can turn on game music (airy and melodic), decide to include game sound effects (switching directions and between squares), toggle a clock on and off and choose to skip filled squares if navigating via your keyboard.

Daily Crossword

A fresh take on an old classic, the Daily Crossword has a unique look and gameplay that is a delight to play. Set in the backdrop of a coffee shop, the crossword resembles the look of chalk on a blackboard, a la, classic coffee shop and the background noise is that of a softly bustling coffee shop. The clues and crossword look as though they have been screwed to the back wall among a coffee shop's many shelves.
At any time you can choose to reveal a letter or word but you lose the perfect score bonus points - which, if a clue is particularly tough, is totally worth it! When you're ready for a visually refreshing version of a crossword with all the same quality as the Universal Crossword, give Daily Crossword a try!

Daily Jumble

In full color! On looks alone, this colorized daily jumble puzzle is way better than what you'd find in your black and white newspaper puzzle section. Add to the looks the functionality of being able to go back 13 days to play the previous day's puzzles and it's clearly a better gaming experience than what you're used to.
Each game you start with the ability to earn 5X bonus on each word you solve, but you must hurry because as the seconds go by you then only earn 4X, then 3X, then 2X and finally just what they are worth. You see the perfect score you can get on the puzzle when you start, so you know what to aim for - but are you fast enough to get the highest score? You can click on the cartoon to enlarge it and even ask for hints if you get stuck on a tough final jumble. If you love your daily newspaper jumble, you MUST try this online, colorized version that adds so much more.

Word Searches

Word Roundup

Word Roundup blends the best parts of word searches with the best part of crossword puzzles. Every Word Roundup game is played in an 18x8 square of letters and five clues. Those five clues may have one word to find or many words to find. If the clue was 'US coins' there may be between two or six different corresponding words to find in the search array.
The game includes some other features that enhance your experience such as hints if you get stuck on a clue, the ability to time yourself and to go try the previous day's puzzles, in case you missed a day or two.

Daily Word Search

Another fantastic entry from the Daily Puzzle series with the chic coffee shop look and feel! Daily Word Search has the aesthetic and features you'd expect from this popular series. You get between 18 and 20 words based on a theme to find in a 12x12 array of letters. Each puzzle contains a mystery word that is revealed as you find more and more words. The words you have to find will expand your vocabulary and present a fun challenge.
The game automatically pauses if you leave the browser window, making it the perfect game to keep up in the background and check in on when you have a few spare moments to play. Plus if you like a particular set of search words, you can reload the game and get the same set of words in a completely unique array of letters!

Play Four

Play Four is best described as a mini-crossword puzzle. You're given a 4x4 square and eight corresponding clues to what word goes across and down. It's like a bite-sized crossword puzzle for a quick fun challenge. You can either use regular mode (letter is the color red if it's incorrect) or expert mode where you get no indication you've won until it's filled out perfectly in its entirety.
Do you want to enjoy the fun challenge of crossword puzzles without all the commitment of answering dozens and dozens of clues? Then Play Four is a perfect match for you, eight clues, a few moments and tons of fun.


Calling all word-nerds and etymology-experts - Rootonym is simultaneously entertaining and informative. Each daily Rootonym puzzle begins by giving you a root word and it's meaning, such as 'dign' which has a root meaning of 'worthy, merited.' You then see that root in four other words with blanks around it and a clue as to what the full word is. So 'dign-----' and the clue 'a person in a high position of honor' you'd fill the blanks in to get 'dignitary.'
You can use beginner mode (letters appear red immediately if they are incorrect and green if they are correct) or expert mode with no hints. A game that actively teaches you the roots of the language while providing enjoyable puzzles, it really is a word-lover's dream.

Up & Down Words

Synonyms, homophones, homographs and homonyms - oh my! Flex your phonics and vocab with Up & Down Words, a word puzzle from the renowned daily puzzle creator David L. Hoyt (known for the Daily Jumble). You get seven clues that with two blanks to fill in for each clue - the twist? The first answer you fill in for one clue must also apply to the second word for the clue above it.  So you not only have to find the synonym for the clue in question but also the homonym that fits for another clue.
It's like multiple-choice version of a mini-crossword puzzle. With seven quick clues and 14 answers, it's the perfect quick daily game to add to your puzzle-routine. If you love words and word games, Up & Down Words will be a refreshing take on the old genre.


We all know, hexagons are the best-a-gons and Lexigo takes it to the next level. Each game you get presented with 13 hexagons separated into three different rows (4-5-4) with a letter in each hexagon. You're given five clues as to the words you must make by clicking on adjacent hexagons. Only 13 tiles, you say? Seems like not enough tiles to be hard or provide a lot of options for words, you say? That would be the case if you couldn't use the same hexagon twice and each letter has to be touching the other. Part of the fun and strategy for Lexigo is to choose the correct path of hexagons that allow you to answer the clues.
You always get the starting letter of each clue and as you click around, the clue's blanks get filled in. Test your spatial reasoning and your riddle-solving skills with a round of Lexigo.


What would happen if a crossword puzzle and a sudoku puzzle had a child? Unolingo! Pronounced 'you-know-lingo.' You get a grid of interconnected words with some letters being filled in and some being left blank. Your job is to use your vocabulary and logical deduction skills to fill in the blanks BUT you can only use one of each letter.
Included with the game are a set of tips and tools. The tips give you a good strategy to start with such as to start by focusing on the difficult letters, QU, Z, J, and X. The tools, allow you to get hints (though you get 30 seconds added to your time for each hint) and the ability to audit the puzzle to see what you got right or wrong. The game has something for people who love crosswords and sudokus alike!

Numbers & Logic Puzzle Games


From Andrew McNeel Syndication, this sodoku game is everything you'd expect from a classic online sudoku game. Each day you're given a sodoku of varying difficulty to try to solve. Puzzle difficulty ranges from one-star to five-star, one being the easiest five being the hardest. Each week you get two one-star and five-star puzzles and one two-star, three-star and four-star puzzle.
You're able to guess a number or also add notes to a square as to what the number could be, so you can keep track of your previous reasonings. If you love sudoku, you'll love this daily classic version.

Daily Soduku

Similar to the Daily Crossword, Daily Soduku remixes your classic sodoku experience, preserving all fun and functionality of an online sudoku game with a fun new look. The sodoku board resembles that of a blackboard you'd see at a coffee shop with some light coffee shop chatter in the background to further set the mood.
You can enter your guess with a pen (if you're sure) pencil (if you're not exactly sure). At the beginning, you can select an easy, medium or hard difficulty level, so if you're selected hard, you may be using the pencil more than the pen at first!


Similar to sudoku, KenKen uses your logical reasoning - but with a twist. Instead of just using a process of elimination to know what number to enter, you must also use basic computational skills as well.
KenKen is played on a 4x4 board or a 6x6 board with the same basic concept as sudoku, in each row and column you can only put one number once. On top of that the 4x4 or 6x6 box is also split up into smaller segments each requiring you to reach the number indicated by using the mathematical process next to the number. For instance, a box that is a row of 4 squares with a '90x' would mean the numbers you enter in would have to be multiplied together to equal 90. In this instance, 1x3x5x6 = 90.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Universal Jigsaw

An online jigsaw game just how you like it! With loads of customization options and the ability to access over 25 different daily puzzles, you'll be able to create the puzzle experience you're looking for. Jigsaw pictures are award-worthy land, city, and seascapes that are as fun to reassemble as they are beautiful. Choose the number of pieces you'd like to try: 10, 21, 32, 40, 50, 60, 72, 84, 91, or 112. Another really helpful feature is being able to update the background so that it contrasts more with the puzzle. You can select one of 15 different backgrounds including solid colors and patterns.
For advanced jigsaw puzzlers, you can also toggle between displaying edge pieces, inside pieces and all pieces. So just like in real life, you can start with the border and work your way in! Experience a jigsaw set to your exacting specifications and try the daily Universal Jigsaw.

Daily Jigsaw

It's a daily jigsaw puzzle but with some extra flavor. Set in a chill coffee shop, Daily Jigsaw is a unique jigsaw-puzzling experience. You can choose between 5 different puzzle pieces: 1) Classic - the shape of jigsaw pieces you'd expect; 2) Wave - rounded interlocking swooshes; 3) Aztec - similar to classic but with no round edges; 4) Paisley - a more intense version of the classic pieces; and 5) Curl - a more extreme version of the wave jigsaw pieces.
You have the option of 52, 72, 110, 156, and 210 pieces, so you can select your own level of difficulty. With toggles for edge pieces, a tray to store pieces you want set aside, an ability to mix up the pieces and change your gameplay at a moment's notice, you'll have a singular time working through the multitudes of jigsaw puzzles.

Spot The Difference Puzzles

Spot the Difference Daily

Spot the Difference Daily uses real photos that are altered to test your visual acuity. When you play you get two photos side by side and when you put your cursor on the image on the left a corresponding cursor appears on the photo on the right. Then you must use your careful eye to spot the glaring or minute differences between each photo. Once spotted, you click on it and if you're correct you get points and the photo on the right updates itself to now look the same as the photo on the left.
You must find a total of 10 differences between the photos but if you're getting stuck you can always ask for a hint and the part of the photo that might have a difference will light up giving you an idea of where in the photo to look.

Daily Spot the Difference

From the makers of Daily Crossword and Daily Sudoku comes, Daily Spot the Difference with the fun coffee-house aesthetic you know and love! Unlike the crossword and sudoku, Spot the Difference tests not your knowledge or reasoning, but your intense attention to detail. Diverse and dazzling real photos are used and are slightly altered to in barely noticeable ways.
With smaller differences that can be tougher to spot compared to Spot the Difference Daily, Daily Spot the Difference is incredibly challenging. You get points for each difference you spot and you will have earned it! Differences can be subtle enough to escape the average eye so be on the lookout and good luck.