Clash of Warriors

Image of Clash of Warriors game

Master strategy and deck construction. Gather and arrange 90 different magic cards in the correct order. Win fights, knock out your opponents, and unlock all ten Arenas. Plunge into a world of limitless opportunities, prizes, cards, and levels. Will you triumph in the end?


  • Endless rewards and levels
  • Simple gameplay
  • Strategy game
  • 90 unique cards, 4 grades
  • 6 card fractions
  • 10 Arenas

How to Play

  • Create a deck of 12 cards to face off against opponents in the arena.
  • Gather winning stars, gold coins, and new cards to combine and strengthen your deck.
  • Decks featuring only cards of the same fraction receive a bonus effect.
  • You may also exchange coins for unwanted extra cards.
Tags: Arcade

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