Backgammon Come On

Image of Backgammon Come On game

The classic game of Backgammon!


  • Easy to learn
  • Simple controls
  • 7 Languages
  • Play vs AI or Player
  • Customizable game preferences


The aim of the game is to lead all player's checkers 'home' to take them off the board. To start, each player rolls one die, with the highest number moving first. With each turn, players roll both dice. Checkers can be moved forward from the home point only. The number of each dice determines the number of places the checkers can be moved. The checker can only be moved to an unoccupied point. This means that the point must be occupied by less than 2 opponent checkers. Figures on both dice define separate moves. For example, if the player rolls a 5 and 3, then they can move one checker 5 spaces, then either another checker 3 spaces, or the same checker another 3 spaces. If a player rolls two of the same numbers, called doubles, they must play each die twice.

A point occupied by only one checker is called a blot. Blot is considered to be beat and must be put on bar if the opponent's checker stops on this point. Any time one or several checkers are on a bar, a player must place his checkers in the opponent's home. A checker starts play moving to the point defined by the number on a die. A player skips their move if both points they are to go to are occupied. A player can remove their checkers from the board when they led all their checkers to their home.

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