Bug Match

Image of Bug Match game

Bug Match is a Bug Matching Game. Match 3 or more Bugs to score and progress.


  • Simple Controls
  • Easy to Learn
  • Leaderboards
  • 10 Levels

How to Play

Swap any bug with its horizontal or vertical neighbor to form a row of 3 or more matching bugs. Matching a row of bugs lights up the tiles beneath them. Locked bugs need to be matched twice. Match 4 in a row to win a stick of dynamite. When you match the dynamite, it will destroy a whole row or column of bugs. Match an intersecting row and column in one go to win a mine. When you match the mine, it will destroy all bugs one tile away from it. Light all the tiles in the grid to win the round and move on to the next level. The highest score will make it onto the leaderboards!

Tags: Match 3

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