Reversi Mania

Image of Reversi Mania game

You use double sided stones to play the game of Reversi, trying to outsmart your opponent. It's a straightforward but complex game. To play this difficult game like an expert, you must be able to think far in advance. The multiplayer feature even allows you to play with pals! Why are you holding out? Get started now and train your brain!


  • Simple to understand gameplay
  • Challenging but simple
  • Multiplayer
  • Several challenges


When the board is full, your objective is to have more stones of your color facing up. By putting your own stone adjacent to an opponent's, you turn theirs. The stone you set must form a connection between two of your stones that are already on the field. On that line, all of the opponent's stones are turned over. If someone is unable to place a stone, they must wait till they can.

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