Solitaire 13-in-1 Collection

Image of Solitaire 13-in-1 Collection game
Win all the solitaire modes!
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One pack of thirteen entertaining and addictive solitaire games! The object of the one-player card game solitaire is to remove every card from the playing surface using a set of predetermined rules. Each of the thirteen modes has its own set of rules. They include well-known variations like Klondike or Freecell. Can you triumph in each one?


  • Thirteen game variants
  • Addictive fun
  • Simple rules
  • Minimalistic design

How to Play

To remove every card from the playing field is the aim of every solitaire variation. According to the guidelines for the particular mode, move them to the appropriate pile. The suits or values of the cards are used to arrange them. Each variant has unique rules and permits unique card movements.

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