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From the renowned puzzle designer Tim Parker, the Universal Crossword is the gold standard for online daily crosswords. Each day a new puzzle and set of clues are served up for you to enjoy. Get your daily crossword fix here with an interface that's easy to use and questions that are just hard enough to make them fun!

Tim Parker takes the classic and beloved crossword puzzle and updates it for the web in an intuitive and user friendly format. The Universal Crossword gives an old classic a digital update that is easy to use and understand. If you love crossword puzzles, you'll love the Universal Crossword!


  • Different game modes
  • Hints
  • Toggle relaxing music on and off
  • Toggle sound effects on and off
  • Choose to try to beat the clock or take your time
  • Browse previously daily puzzles when you get done with today's and you can opt track your success and progress on each crossword
  • Play anonymously or sign in through Google or Facebook to see where you stack up against other players


Navigate the crossword without the need of a mouse. The space bar switches between Up and Down clues and tab brings you to the next clue. You can also use your arrow keys to navigate to specific squares.

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