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Text Twist 2 takes everything you love about the Daily Word Jumble and combines it with the fun of the classic word game Boggle. Challenge your spelling, vocabulary and ability to visualize words with the newest version of Text Twist. In this updated game, you get more game modes and more than 25,000 words to create!

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How To Play Text Twist 2

In each game of Text Twist 2, you're given six letters that can be assembled to make a word. The goal of each round is to find the six-letter word. In addition to the six-letter word, you can make five-letter, four-letter and three-letter words for extra points. If you can find all of the words you get an extra bonus.

But here's the twist, literally, if you're getting stuck you can 'twist' the letters and rearrange them to spark new ideas for words.

On iOS or Android

You can tap directly on the letters and buttons to play.

On PC or Mac browser

You have the option of using your mouse to point and click just as if you were on a mobile device or using your keyboard to type and enter words and play.

  • Spacebar - twist letters
  • Enter - submit word
  • Backspace - remove last letter that was entered
  • Tab - remove all letters that have been entered

Game Options

Text Twist 2 gives you a few different ways you can play:

  • Music - toggle ambient music on or off as you play
  • Sound effects - toggle sound effects on or off for every action
  • Difficulty - set the difficulty level of the six-letter words
  • Timed - You can choose to have timed rounds (two minutes)

Text Twist 2 Tips & Tricks

Consistently winning rounds of Text Twist 2 requires skill and practice - and a few tips and tricks! Here are the top three tips for solving Text Twist.

  • Prefixes & Suffixes - Look for groupings of letters that are common prefixes or suffixes
  • Two-letter Combos - Find two-letter combos that can make up words
  • Vowel Construction - Use the order and grouping of vowels to create the structure of a word and fill in the consonants around the

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