7x7 Ultimate

Image of 7x7 Ultimate game

Colorful tiles are crowding the board! Your task is to move them around to form lines to make them disappear. Better think twice how you move them, because position is what matters! You don't want to waste your boosters like 'undo' or 'move anywhere', do you? Build combos, but watch out for overfilling! Master the 7x7 board!


  • Easy to play
  • Leaderboards
  • 4 different levels


Move tiles to connect lines of at least four of the same color to make them disappear. You can connect lines in rows, columns, or diagonals. New tiles appear after a move when you don't form a line of 4. Whenever you make a mistake, you can use the undo, but its use is limited. You can also use the move anywhere feature to move a tile to any unoccupied spot on the board. These features are earned by leveling up or forming 2 lines in a single move. Keep an eye on the next indicator to plan your moves. Make combos by successive clearing to gain a score multiplier. Unlock higher starting levels to start with a greater challenge right away.

Tags: Puzzle

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